ASUS P565 vs HTC DIAMOND – Speed Comparison Video

If Benchmarks say a thousand words, video would then say (at least) a million words. Right? Here is a quick video, where I’ve tested the browsing speeds of both the devices. Both are running the Opera Mobile 9.5. ASUS P565 really shows it’s power when it comes to processor intensive task like web browsing. The Opera Mobile 9.5 truely shines on the ASUS P565, where it not only loads faster on the P565, but the web browsing too is noticeably faster on it as compared to HTC DIAMOND.

I also did some basic tests like making a new MS Word file, opening Excel and Powerpoint Mobile. The speed of both devices were similar with P565 being slightly faster in those tests. Of course, the speed won’t be that noticeable in such tasks as they don’t take the CPU to it’s limits. But, the ASUS P565 impresses us, where it should: in the processor intensive tasks like web browsing.

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