BenQ Joybook Lite U101 reviewed

Folks at laptopmag have recently reviewed the highly anticipated netbook by BenQ, the Joybook Lite U101. While they were quite impressed with the bright display and artistic lid of this netbook, they were not so happy with the cramped keyboard and sub-par battery life. Laptopmag says,

BenQ valiantly tries to make a splash in the netbook space. The Joybook Lite U101 sports a fun design and offers solid performance, but it’s outshined by other 10-inch netbooks when it comes to endurance and ergonomics. For example, the $499 Samsung NC10 comes standard with a longer lasting six-cell battery and has a better keyboard. This netbook has style, but we wish it had more substance.

Here are the quick specifications of this netbook:

  • CPU: 1.6-GHz Intel Atom N270
  • OS: Windows XP Home
  • RAM/Expandable: 1.5/2GB
  • Hard Drive Size/Speed: 160GB/5,400 rpm
  • Display/Resolution: 10.1 inches/1024 x 576

BenQ tried to make this netbook to look a little different from the rest of the netbooks, but they should have integrated a quality 90%+ laptop size keyboard to make the whole typing experience better for the people. Keyboard is now becoming the most important feature for the people who want to buy a netbook for themselves. May be in the next Joybook, they will come up with a better keyboard.