Best PC cabinets RGB LED lighting for less than 60 dollars

You are thinking about changing the aspect of your computer and you want to improve the environment of your setup, the best option for it is to use boxes with RGB LED lighting, so you make sure to choose the light you want to create at any time. The towers with RGB lighting are increasingly popular, so it is no longer necessary to spend a large amount of money to get this type of chassis. We bring you a compilation of the best RGB LED boxes that you can get for less than 60 dollars.

Best PC cabinets RGB LED lighting for less than 60 dollars

In this collection there are a diversity of brands and designs, as well as towers with a larger size and with different designed sides, so you will find the design you have in your head.

Mars Gaming MC6

This tower is the one with the most futuristic design, the X species of its front is illuminated with RGB LED, as well as the side edge of the front and the LED strip that is in the window area. This box is very well equipped with LED lighting and has compact dimensions.


AeroCool Cyclon

The first on the list is the AeroCool Cyclon, a tower that has arrived on the market a short time ago but has a very striking design. The double height front and RGB LED lighting make it a very attractive box. In addition, we can see the inside of it thanks to its side panel. We can acquire it in two colors: black or white.


Nox Hummer

This box is one of the most used with RGB LED. It takes years for sale, but it is still used in the current assemblies. We can acquire it in two colors, white or black, with white always being somewhat cheaper. The LED lighting in this box is distributed along the edge of the front and crosses the entire panel.



This tower has a minimalist design and a very “tech” silkscreen that is illuminated with RGB LED. Thanks to its minimalist design it can attract many users. In addition, its side window occupies the entire body of the chassis. It may be the tower of the collection with less illuminated surface.


AeroCool ACCM-PV11014.11

The second also comes from the hand of AeroCool but has a much more traditional design, which reminds us of the towers we used before in our equipment. It does not have a side window but its with two RGB LED strips that border the ventilation grid.