Best sports apps for iOS

There are so many sports apps for the popular iOS platform but which ones are the best and most feature-rich? Before we list the apps, keep in mind that these apps are meant for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Best sports apps for iOS

First one on our list is the ESPN ScoreCenter. No list is complete without mention of ESPN. It is totally free of cost and gives the user up-do-date sports news, scores and cut videos of the sports. The first time you launch the app, you are asked to key in the sports team you support. After that, you are taken to My Teams page where you will find all the information about your favorite teams like upcoming matches and scores. This is very useful if you are into sports betting and do not want to lose a dime. Sports betting is a fast growing line and a lot of sports applications for iOS are investing in this very field. All the information is updated in real time to keep updated with the sports betting and scores.

The app can also push scores to you which is pretty cool. All kinds of sports are supported in the app including baseball, football, tennis and cricket.

Next on our list is Yahoo Sportacular. While Yahoo is dying a slow death, their sports app for iOS is still one of the best out there. It is incredibly rich with features. Compared to the ESPN app, there is more stress on the notifications so if you do not like opening the app again and again, this is the one to get. Like the ESPN app, this app is also available for free. There are many sports to choose from and we are sure, you will find your favorite team there as well.

Up next is SportsTap. It is excellent for those who are looking for app that provides you lots of statistics. IT also shows you game projections and player stats before the game starts. You can also look for statistics of a specific player. There is another very cool feature in the app and it is called LocalTap. This shows you all the games being played in the area around you.

It also has alerts feature which updates you with the scores from time to time. Other honorable mentions include Fantasy Monster, Score Mobile and NCAA. The last one is made specifically for the basketball fans.