Big Screen iPhone Release Date

So you think Apple iPhone screen is too small? Well, Apple is indeed testing an iPhone with a much bigger display that is slated to be released in the month of May 2014. If rumors are to be believed, Apple may not call this iPhone the iPhone 6, and it would be a part of an entirely new product line.

iphone 6 release date

Screen size will reach 5 inches

According to reports, Apple’s big-screen version of the iPhone is likely to reach 5 inches. It is unclear how Apple will be calling this big-screen iPhone.

Apple A8 processor with 20nm manufacturing technology

big screen iphone

Taiwan media, Digitimes cites that Apple will be releasing this big screen iPhone in May, and iPhone 6 will be unveiled in October.  The next generation iPhone with the larger screen will be using the "TSMC’s 20-nanometer processor", and Apple will be calling it Apple A8. [pconline Chinese]