Brief Overview: Ind05 Suit by Nascasho Designs for Wisbar Advance 3, PocketBreeze, PsShutXP

The designer of this skin describes the suit as “A New Revolution”. He is not wrong when he says it especially when you look at the quality of the skin suit.

It is going to be nearly two years since this theme suit was released. But, so far I’m yet to find anything that matches the quality and perfection delivered by Nascasho Designs. In this theme suit, you will find:

  • Brilliant 5 Today Themes
  • Matching Wisbar Advance skins
  • SBSH Pocket Breeze skin
  • PsShutXP skin
  • Resco Keyboard skin (normal qwerty one)

Here is the screenshot of it. I’m running wisbar advance, pocketbreeze and PsShutXP. I’ve also installed the accompanying font in the windowsfont folder (note: you’ve to do a soft-reset to make the system recognize the font).

If you don’t like the font, say in the pocketbreeze, you can always use a different font. I’m using Vista’s Segui Ui. In the following screenshot, I’m using the blue theme. Looks very beautiful to me!

PsShutXP skin

It skins the applications well too (slate theme used (grey colored one))

If you don’t like the big start button, each theme with small start button is there. Here is the green theme with small start button.

And the skin is landscape compatible (640 x 480)

Click to see full resolution screenshot
Click to see full resolution screenshot

In case, you still want to use the default indicators/icons in the topbar, you can tell wisbar not to use the icons used in the skin.

I found that the in the yellow theme, the top bar is not skinned, it was due to the incorrect image file being called in the skin file. Here is the correct yellow theme: ind-05-cognac-tourmaline(yellow theme). Just overwrite the original file and you are done.

The theme costs $7 for VGA and $6 for QVGA devices. I am unaware of the fact if it runs on WVGA (480 x 800) screens fine.

Click on the following link to go to InD 05 official webpage, which also includes links for buying:

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