Cheap extra attachable display for laptop

JN-MDO-IPS140FHD extra attachable display

We love quirky gadgets that help extend functionality of laptops especially while on the move. We also love mobile monitors that give us extra screen real estate. Japan Next has churned out mobile monitors JN-MDO-IPS116 11.6 inch and JN-MDO-IPS140FHD 14 inch that can be attached to the top of a laptop PC and quickly unfolded for use. They are pretty affordable too, costing $124 and $167 respectively.

You can quickly unfold these mobile monitors when in use and store it smoothly when not in use however, this is not recommended as it may come off when you carry it around. Additionally, the screen can be rotated, making it possible to present content face-to-face. Equipped with an auto-flip function that automatically flips the screen upside down when rotated.

If you are a power user who would love some extra real estate, this accessory is a must have.

It can also be used by removing it from a laptop, in which case it can also be placed vertically however, screen rotation must be done using software.

The main specifications of JN-MDO-IPS116 include 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution, 262,000 colors total, sRGB 66-percent color gamut, 30ms intermediate color response speed, 220cd/m2 brightness, and contrast ratio of 800:1, viewing angle of 160 degrees both vertically and horizontally. Interface supported are Mini HDMI and USB Type-C compatible with DisplayPort Alt Mode and power supply. The main body size is 297 x 23 x 182 mm, and the weight is approximately 0.5 kg.