CnetX Flash Format review – for Windows Mobile Professional

CnetX Flash Format is a storage card utility that helps you to keep your memory card in perfect shape. It has all the features that you will expect from a pro-flash format utility. It also makes sure that it stays in perfect shape.

CnetX Flash Format review


As usual( and expected ), I did not face any problems in installation it. It is small in size and it would be harder to find once it is installed. Why? Read on

Once installed, you will obviously go to Start>Programs. Woa? You won’t find it here. ;) Well, nothing to panic about. It is there under Start> Settings .

Let’s open it. It will show various information and statistics about the storage card inserted into your device.

Advanced information is there in the “Advanced” tab. It shows the File System type; sector size; cluster size and backup FAT.

Now, the main function of the Application: Formatting. It can format your card in either FAT16 or FAT32 file systems. In FAT16, the cluster size is fixed to 32KB, whereas in FAT32, it varies from 8KB to 32KB. You can specify whether you would like to backup FAT. This option can be extremely useful if in case the storage card corrupted. It helps to recover the card easily.

One of the most exciting features of the CnetX flash format is the ability make an application(or a document) auto-run upon storage card insertion. I’ve seen similar feature on the desktop PCs, but it is the first time I’ve come across this feature on a Windows Mobile, in fact any handheld device.

A couple of days ago, I reviewed an excellent storage card utility, Storage Tools. I am reviewing something very similar today. The difference between them is only feature: CnetX does not have the de-fragmentation feature.


Price: $12.95