CommMgrPro version 2.1 for Windows Mobile: a Quick Look

Control your PDA Phone Edition with profiles automatically selected depending on your current location(Phone Cell / LAC), current time and calendar appointments.

The main features of this program are:

  • Creation of profiles that are activated automatically depending on your position, obtained with telephony cells (Cell-ID / LAC), weekday – time and calendar appointments.
  • These profiles allow to manage many aspects of your device: Phone, bluetooth, wifi, sounds, connections, band (2G-3G), beam, automatic emails and sms, call forwarding, launch or close programs, open documents (mp3, …), choose the today theme, backlight settings, ring tone and type, etc.
  • Detailed and graphically management of the battery and current draw
  • Detailed management of GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA connections allowing to close automatically connections that havent data traffic during a time, disable them, mark them as “always on”,etc
  • It allows to upload the location changes to a HTTP server. By default the site contains a real time tracking tool where you can see the changes. Even if your device has gps you can see the changes integrated with google maps.
  • Complete integration with Pocket calendar to create automatic profile selection rules. fe: If the current appointment contains any of the words “meeting, cinema” then activate the profile “Silence”.

Some more screenshots of this awesome application:

monitor current drain
monitor current drain
track your movements with tracking tool
track your movements with tracking tool

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