CommMgrPro version 2.2 for Windows Mobile released

This new version of CommMgrPro (CMP) brings many new features and is fully compatible with HTC Diamond and HTC Touch Pro.

The main features of this program are:

  • Creation of profiles that are activated automatically depending on your position, obtained with telephony cells (Cell-ID / LAC), weekday – time and calendar appointments.
  • These profiles allow to manage many aspects of your device: Phone, bluetooth, wifi, sounds, connections, band (2G-3G), beam, automatic emails and sms, call forwarding, launch or close programs, open documents (mp3, …), choose the today theme, backlight settings, ring tone and type, etc.
  • Detailed and graphically management of the battery and current draw
  • Detailed management of GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA connections allowing to close automatically connections that havent data traffic during a time, disable them, mark them as “always on”, disable connections automatically on roaming, etc
  • It allows to upload the location changes to a HTTP server. By default the site DHR Software – CommMgrPro – Bandswitch – [Daniel Herrero Rey] contains a real time tracking tool where you can see the changes. Even if your device has gps you can see the changes integrated with google maps
  • Complete integration with Pocket calendar to create automatic profile selection rules. fe: If the current appointment contains any of the words “meeting, cinema” then activate the profile “Silence”

Visit commmgrpro‘s website for more information