Diamond ActionScreen for HTC DIAMOND/PRO [Windows Mobile]

Want a more functional actionscreen for your HTC DIAMOND or HTC TOUCH PRO? l3v5y over xda-devs has released a Actionscreen replacement. The actionscreen pops up when you hold the end button.

It can be further modified but the modifications have to done via registry editor, which are not recommended for the faint-hearted person. You can use PHM registry editor (Freeware) to do these registry edits


Applications can be configured via the registry.
Path changes the path, Parm changes the parameters, and Text changes the text

Timeout (how long before the application minimizes) can be changed at:
HKCUSoftwarel3v5yActionScreenTimeout time is in milliseconds

The size of the text can be configured:

Font colour
HKCUSoftwarel3v5yActionScreenFont Red/Green/Blue (0-255)

The text at the top of the page can be configured