Dinarsoft Handy Launcher 3.4 reviewed!

Ever wanted a launcher, which you can always access from everywhere? Are you tired of going to the start menu, then program, then search for a particular program, every time u want to launch an application, or browsing throughout the whole file explorer to find a particular folder or file? Not any more. Because, now you can have access to all your frequently used programs and files/folders on the tap of a button, with Dinarsoft Handy Launcher. Here’s how Handy Launcher’s tray icon looks like.

Let me clear why I reviewed this application. I was tired of going to the today screen just to launch my favorite application or get to a required document. I wanted something that I can ALWAYS access. Here goes the review of Dinarosft Handy Launcher.

Here’s the list of programs I have added in my Handy Launcher.

“Opt” on the top right stands for “options”.

As you can see above, from the main menu, you can add/delete the items that appear in your Handy Launcher. You can also move them up or down as per your requirement. You can even define the orientation in which you would like each application to be opened every time. When the desired application is selected, tap on  and set the orientation for that particular item. And similarly, the command line for each item can also be defined.

From the “display” option, you can choose whether you want the icons of the various items to be displayed or not, display/hide the tray icon and also choose a custom icon for Handy Launcher.

From the “colors” option, you can change the look, i.e. the color theme of your device.

Tap on “file” on the bottom left of the screen to exit the application.

How do I use it?

I’ve set it to display itself whenever I press a hardware button. So, no matter which application is running, I can always access HandyLauncher


  • Light on memory.
  • Always accessible
  • Very easy access to the most frequently used applications and files.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Cheap.
  • VGA and QVGA support.
  • Command line support.
  • Different orientation for different items can be set.
  • WM6 support.

In my opinion, none ;)

Final Thoughts
A very convenient and simple application for all Pocket PC users who would like to have access to their frequently used applications on the tap of a button.

Product Category: Utility
Manufacturer: Dinarsoft
Link: http://www.dinarsoft.com
Price: $5.49 USD
System Requirements: Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Pocket PC 2002
Trial Version info: 15 day fully functional

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