Dinarsoft Handymenu for Windows Phone review

Dinarsoft’s Handy menu is, as the name suggests,a very handy software that helps to have access to all the frequently used system settings like brightness, memory, etc. right at the tap of a single button.

It creates a tray icon or an icon on the status bar of your pocket pc,making it accessible at a single tap. The items which can be selected to be displayed on the menu are :

* power off
* hard reset (with confirmation)
* battery level
* brightness
* memory
* today themes
* today plugins
* today screen
* start menu
* clock settings
* sound settings
* uninstall programs
* running programs
* hardware buttons
* input methods
* network connection
* phone settings
* rotate screen (both left and right, but only with WM 2003SE or WM5)
* screen off
* refresh today screen
* IP helper
* soft reset

Also, you can assign a menu item to quick action. The order of these items can also be changed. also, they can be separated through a separator line.

It is fully customizable. the colours of the text, menu background, icon background, highlighted text and highlighted background can comfortably be changed. Also,its not too heavy on ur device. It takes up just 200 kb of storage space and while running, it takes only 35 kb. It tighly integrates with Dinarsoft’s handyswitcher, which is a great task manager.

Its integration with dinarsoft’s products does not end here. The dinarsoft’s very own application Memmaid can be easily accessed

Also included is a screen capture utility, which is really basic in nature. It offers you to save a screenshot in BMP format. Sadly, the screen capture function cannot be mounted on a hardware button. Also, formats available to save screenshots are absent.


*Easy to use
*User friendly
*Light on memory
*Tight integration with other Dinarsoft Products


*Saves screen shots in only BMP format

Final Thoughts..

I must say, I have found this application really very handy to reach my frequently used settings quickly. Really, a very useful and handy application which saves time too

Product Category: Utility
Manufacturer: Dinarsoft
Link: http://www.dinarsoft.com
Price: $5.99 USD
System Requirements: Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Pocket PC 2002
Trial Version info: 15 day fully functional