Downgrade Plan for the Windows 7 OS

The Microsoft has confirmed that those who buy a PC with Windows 7 installed will be allowed to downgrade to Windows Vista or Windows XP. This downgrade offer is available to both businesses that buy bulk licenses as-well-as to the consumers that get the Windows 7 OS on a laptop/PC.

Yesterday, Windows XP entered into extended support only period. Luckily, the final release of Windows 7 is going to be somewhere in January, 2010. Before that, Microsoft will also release RC of Windows 7, which is more likely to be the final product.

This is a clever move by Microsoft and will convince more buyers to make the change to the new OS as the consumers as-well-as companies can always roll back to tried and tested Windows XP if they face any sort of problem with the Windows 7 OS. I personally have been immensely impressed by the Windows 7 performance on my EEE 1002HA as-well-as my 1000H. Vista is slow as snail on my EEE 1000H even with the 2GB RAM and all the performance tweaks. That is why I am dual booting between Windows 7 and EEEbuntu.

[via BBC]