Download AOSP Nokia XL X ROM

Not exactly full AOSP but semi AOSP ROM for the Nokia XL and X devices. It looks and feel totally like an AOSP ROM and is very light. 


– AOSP look
– Very slim and light
– Fast booting
– RAM usage very good
– Stable


WiFi would not work out of the box but there is an easy fix. After flashing rom:

Step 1) Flash Superuser SU through CWM
Step 2) Flash the Null Kernel 20140609 link
Step 3) Copy the wifi_supplicant_wapi file from miniromS5 from /system/bin and paste it in Semi AOSP rom’s /system/bin folder with similar permissions that of bin folder. usage of Root explorer is highly preferred.

Download AOSP Nokia XL X ROM

I have included a screenshot of the permission you need to set after copying.