Download Files More Than 20 MB On 3G 4G on Windows Phone

As most of us know, Microsoft has made a limit on the size of downloadable files over 3G or 4G radio. This limit is 20 mega bytes. This tutorial will show you how to bypass that limit. First here are the pre requisites that you need to have on your Windows Phone.

Download Files More Than 20 MB On 3G 4G on Windows Phone1. A WP device with micro SD card slot.
2. Download and install Pocket File Manager from here.
3. Direct links of files you wan to download. If you want to download XAP files, you will need to suffix /xap?apptype=regular
4. Now fire up Pocket File Manager and select “downloads” from the menu. Tap on the plus sign and paste the download URL. Tap and hold finger on the file and from the context menu select copy or cut. Now, paste copied file to the sd card location.
5. Exit Pocket File Manager and restart device. After that, run market store and tap SD card. The XAP file you downloaded should be there. Select it.

You can find the screenshots of it on our flickr account here.