Download HTC One A9 Rooted ROM: HTC One A9 TWRP custom recovery

If you are an HTC One A9 owner and looking for a pre rooted ROM, there are not a lot of choices. The reason being the fact that not a lot of developers have the HTC One A9 but there is one now. But before you flash the HTC One A9 rooted ROM, you must have TWRP custom recovery, S-off, unlocked and have super CID it. Yes, these are the crazy list of requirements and the flash would only be successful if you have done all these to your Htc android device – or else it would fail.

Download HTC One A9 Rooted ROM

So here are the steps on how to download and install the HTC One A9 Rooted ROM. First, download the TWRP from here. And then download the pre rooted HTC One A9 firmware from here.

Extract and copy the TWRP folder to the root of your micro SD card. Rename the downloaded firmware from firmware to and then copy it in the root of micro SD card. Now reboot in download mode and flash the 2PQ9IMG firmware. It is suggested to wipe data from stock recovery after installation.

Now boot in TWRP, restore the rooted TWRP backup as well by restoring boot.img as well.