Download Minions iPhone hack: Minions Paradise iPhone hack gives you infinite currencies

If you love Minions Paradise iPhone game and want to do really well in it without much sweat, you can do that by installing this Minions iPhone hack that gives you infinite currencies.

The only requirement is that you must have jailbreak iPhone and have Cydia substrate pre installed. You will also need a file manager like iFile on your iPhone. Download iFile for iPhone here.
Download Minions iPhone hack

Downloading and installing the Minions iPhone hack is real easy. Make sure you have first downloaded and played the game atleast once. Then download this file to your computer and transfer it to your iPhone using iFunbox file manager. Then tap on the downloaded file using iFile on iPhone.

Respring and enable this hack in the Settings app. If you still do not see it there, do a soft reset.

This hack will give you infinite amount of money allowing you to purchase anything in the Minions Paradise game.