Honor 8 Android 8 Oreo: Download Oreo update for Honor 8 phone

download Honor 8 Android 8 Oreo

Android 8 Oreo is now available for download for the Honor 8 android phone. While this is an unofficial release by XDA, it is quite usable as daily driver unless you need cameras to work. VoLTE is also not working right now but keep an eye on this official thread for more updates as the developer is working hard to make everything work.

Here is how you install the Android 8 Oreo on your Honor 8 phone:

* Download the rom from here.
* Wipe data from TWRP and remove encryption
* Flash the provided zip file
* Install Gapps if you are going to use them
* Reboot

If you are an early adopter, this is a perfect ROM to try out what is next in future for the Honor 8 users. It is AOSP so it is plain android with no gapps installed. While we recommend you to install gapps immediately after ROM installation, it is totally possible to use the phone with those services installed. Make sure to give feedback to the ROM developer in the official thread in order to give feedback on the bugs.

There are reports that mobile data is not working but we had no confirmation. NFC is working just fine though.