Download Un Official XDA Reader

We are huge fans of XDA portal. After all, it is the most active developer community in the world. Now, a developer called Eatheat has churned out an app to read the news feed. The app is called XDA Reader, and it offers a lot of features. It has a slick Holo user interface, and has 4x built in themes.  Here are its list of features.

Download Un Official XDA Reader

Loads image and text in both the lists and the detailed view.
Loads feeds by asynctask. No heavy load on main UI.
10 latest posts from the Portal.
Ability to swipe through detail view to go on to the next feed.
Offline reading.
Complete Holo UI.
4 inbuilt themes to choose from.
Live preview of new theme directly on screen. No need to restart every time to select your choice. However, restart of app is need for applying the full theme.

There are two versions – free and pro. The pro adds these 3 features.

Get 12 inbuilt themes.
Ability to switch to full screen.
Ability to use expanded mode removing the StatusBar and the ActionBar.

[Free version link] [Pro version download link]