DredSensor – Reassign Answer and End key when needed [HTC TOUCH DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH PRO] – quick look

It is not unknown fact that the HTC Diamond’s and HTC Touch Pro’s D-Pad is very difficult to use. Quite a lot of time, I press the keys around the D-Pad when pressing one of the direction keys. Dredger97, a great coder at Xda-Devs has developed an application, which lets you modify the functions of Answer key and End key respectively.

To use it, just go to the application where you wish to change the functions of those keys surrounding D-Pad. Then, take the stylus out and put it right back-in in 1 seconds or less. You will get a message box telling you the application name. In the following screenshot, I am playing “Lemonade”.

Select “Yes”. A window will open. By-default, “HardKeySimul” would have been selected. Click on save and you are done. Then, the Answer key and End Key will act as Left and Right buttons. Pretty nifty!

Other than Games, I personally found it very useful in Windows Media Player mobile, where you cannot assign any keys other than the D-Pad buttons. You can now follow the same procedure as mentioned earlier and now, you can use Answer and End key buttons to go to Previous and Next song respectively.

These are not all features of this useful utility. You can do three more functions with it:

  • “Launcher”: allow you to quicklaunch 4 app (that you define in the config wnd) when you double tap (not click, just tap) on one of those 4 keys
  • “Scroll”: allow you to scroll the current window by tapping those 4 keys panel
  • “KeySimul”: allow you to send left/right/up/down events by tapping those 4 keys panel

It is a freeware and available from this link

[xda-devs thread]

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