EaseUS Todo Backup Free: best way to backup your computer

There are plethora of backup software out there but not all of them come with all the required features. Some have file cloning function but lack disk cloning and partition cloning. There is this one software that has all of these features and more. The name is EaseUS ToDo backup and it lets you create four types of backups: disk, partition, file, smart and system backup.


If all you do need is disk / partition cloning and sector level cloning, the Disk Copy Home from EaseUS would suffice. It is freeware and user friendly. However, if you are looking for other features like file level cloning and ability to backup entire disk images or create system state backups, then you need EaseUS ToDo backup. This is in fact the best hard drive cloning software out there offering easy to follow wizards like cloning HDD to SSD and more. This software is has over 6 million installs around the world and is offered in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

System backups lets you backup the entire system including operating system, installed applications, games and user data. All this is compressed into one single file that can be restored whenever you want to. The file backup lets you backup selective files and folders. In this you can create incremental, differential and full backups. You can also tell the software to schedule backups. Disk imaging features lets you increase duplicate copies of entire disks. You can also create backups of particular partitions.

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Disk imaging is more popularly known as disk cloning and is used extensively by users to clone their entire HDD for backup purposes. It is also used when one wants to migrate to an ssd. Before running this disk clone software, keep in mind that the cloned copy will need slightly more space than the source disk so ensure you have that much amount of free space.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free review

Start with launching the app and clicking on the Clone button, select your destination disk which in most computers is C: and make sure you have ticked Sector by sector clone so that all the sectors are copied as it is from the destination drive to the source disk which in our case is new hdd or ssd. Now click on the proceed button to start the cloning process. It will take some time depending on the amount of data stored on the destination disk.