EEEbuntu 8.10 officially launched!

The latest version of highly awaited EEEbuntu has been officially launched. The EEEbuntu is a customized verison of Linux that is specially developed for the EEE PCs. The EEEbuntu is based upon the latest Ubuntu 8.10 (hence the name EEE buntu 8.10) and uses Array as the kernel.

It comes in 3 flavours (yum!)

  • Base: As the name implies, this contains the bare minimum stuff for the system to work. This is recommended for the Linux geeks who prefer to install just what they want. So, this is not for the newbies
  • Standard: This is a full featured flavor which contains everything with full set of office and multimedia applications. It provides full desktop experience to complete the whole package.
  • NBR: Stands for Netbook Remix. This is a version which includes the famous Netbook Remix Launcher over the standard install.

The best part is that everything is already pre-configured. Everything from drivers to even web-browser! Please note that it is meant to be installed on EEE pcs only

Download it here.

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