eMeet Luna speakerphone that supports 360-degree sound collection for meetings

eMeet Luna

China eMeet has released Luna speakerphone for meetings that supports 360-degree sound collection at the end of May. The overseas price of eMeet Luna is 99.99 dollars. There is no word if it will be sold outside USA.

A eMeet Luna speakerphone suitable for meetings of about 5 to 8 people. It has built-in 3 microphone arrays, capable of collecting 360 degrees. eMeet Luna has a built-in processor and processes audio independently. You can pick up noise canceling and distant voices.

In addition to USB and 3.5mm mini jack, eMeet Luna also supports wireless connection via Bluetooth and USB dongle. eMeet Luna has a built-in 2,600mAh battery and can be used for about 15 hours on a single charge.

Compared to the conventional product, in addition to improving the battery, a function to change the Bluetooth name through a PC and a function to turn off Bluetooth after USB connection have been added. By strengthening the calculation, further noise reduction is enhanced and echo cancellation is performed, enabling full-duplex calls.

The launch time of eMeet Luna is odd since most of us are working from home. Nevertheless, if you have a small business organization, you might find eMeet Luna useful.