EMTEC launches Gdium Netbook computer

This new netbook from EMTEC boasts a compact size and light weight netbook, while still offering a respected resolution of 1024 x 600 and 10-inch screen size with a full keyboard.

The software application included with Gdium is based entirely on Open Source Software and includes an  impressive variety of programs:  FireFox, Thunderbird e-mail client,  Instant Messaging, VoIP, Blog editor, audio/video players, and security  utilities, as well as a complete Open Office suite of application for word  processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

What makes Gdium unique is  the G-Key, a bootable USB key on which the Linux operating system,  applications, and personal data are stored.  The G-Key allows each user  to store their personal info and preference securely, without leaving a trace  on the computer. The Gdium will retail for under $400, and comes in 3  colors- White, Black, and Pink.

So, does that means that the Netbook won’t boot without the USB key? Also, there is no update of getting one with Windows XP. It is available for about $400

Visit Gdium.com for more information

“The Gdium netbook offering is unique to the marketplace,” said Chris Mack, EVP Sales & Marketing, EMTEC, North America. “The revolutionary new design and the unique synchronization feature of the G-Key separate Gdium from the rest of the pack. With a sub-$400 retail price point, we believe EMTEC will become a key player in the netbook market.”

Gdium also has a dedicated website, which features an online, social networking environment and provides multimedia resources as well as educational content aimed at students. The Gdium website provides a range of communication tools and services, from e-mail to chat forums, social networking, blogs and dedicated news forums in a safe, user-friendly environment.

The EMTEC Gdium also features an exclusive array of accessories and travel bags. To find out more about EMTEC Gdium products and accessories, please visit www.emtecelectronics.com.