EthOS website is not secure: Do not use

EthOS is a popular operating system among miners. If you want an OS that makes ethereum mining dead simple, get EthOS. It is designed for noobs and uncomplicated people in mind but did you know that their website I not secure. The downoad link for EthosDistro is not secure at all and makes use of plaintext basic http authorization.

EthOS review

EthOS has received a lot of critisism since its owner is try to sell something that is a rip-off. People say that it is nothing but an Ubuntu OS with ethereum logo. Everything that is offered by EthOS can be done with five lines of code or installing third part applications that also offered on windows. For instance, Genoils miner is available for both windows and Linux so why spend 40 dollars for something which you can get for free?

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To achieve functionality of EthOS, you can just download Ubuntu and install the aforementioned package. The best part about this process is fact you do not have to spend single dollar to set it up.

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On another note, the developer behind EthOS has some issues with Poloniex, which is second largest crypto currency exchange. It is funny that he did not activate 2FA and then complaind about money withdrawn by a thief.

God knows how secure is his EthOS.