Exeda runs Windows Mobile 6.5 too! [Windows Mobile]

While we may have seen the (leaked) Windows Mobile 6.5 running on the old HTC Blue Angel, we were still yet to see it running on the recent hardware. Folks at Exeda have posted a couple of images of it, where it is running the alpha version of Windows Mobile 6.5!

Exeda runs Windows Mobile 6.5 too Exeda runs Windows Mobile 6.5 too android

This clearly shows how capable the Exeda is.

Marvell PXA270 520MB CPU
2 banks of internal FLASH, 512MB each
2MP camera with flash
GPS with built-in and external antennas
MicroSD socket with SDHC support
Built-in microphone and speaker + 3.5mm stereo jack
High capacity 3000mAh battery

For those who don’t know about Exeda, it is a device made by CompuLab that has the capability to dual boot between Andrioid and Windows Mobile using U-bootloader

[Exeda running Windows Mobile 6.5 official webpage] thanks to Jake for the tip!