FingerTouch Pro custom layout guide

Meda Chiorean at Teksoft has recently published an article regarding customizing the layout of the popular application FingerTouch Pro.

Fingertouch Professional is by FAR the best keyboard released for the Pocket PC platform. Big, finger friendly keys, fT9 technology, UltraKeyboard technology, predictive keyboard, multiple languages, drag-and-drop configurable keyboard, gestures, skins, magnifier, are just a few to provide an insight into the thought and research that went into developing this program. Entering text on your Pocket PC has never been this fast!

I really appreciate the step-by-step tutorial of how to customize the keybaord layout. The article highlights the fact that how much the FingerTouch Pro is customizable and modifying the layout of the keyboard is not difficult at all!

You can read more about this fantastic application here

You can read the article regarding customizing the keyboad layout here