Fractal Design Define S2 review specs: new silent box with USB C connector

The manufacturer of computer cases Fractal Design, has just presented its new model Define S2, in four finishes, which continues with the usual trend of this manufacturer to create silent boxes with the inclusion of acoustic insulation inside. Although it is also remarkable the inclusion of a connector type USB C on its front.

Fractal Design Define S2 review

The inclusion of the USB C connector between the I / O connectors on the front panel of the computer cases is not a trend that is being implemented too much by the case manufacturers. Of course, it is also true that the manufacturers of motherboards themselves do not include any of these connectors on the PCB of the models they manufacture. Especially if we talk about the motherboards belonging to the middle or low range.

Fractal Design follows the dominant trend in the current market of computer cases with its new Define S2. The box is a semitorre with dimensions of 465 (Al) x 233 (W) x 543 (Pr) mm and a weight of 11.6 kg, whose interior is completely clear, so that the air circulates inside without obstructions, to improve the cooling of the components that we assemble inside the box.

Despite being a semi-light type box, the internal space in this Fractal Design model is really wide. Thus, the Define S2 allows the assembly of tower-type heatsinks up to 185 mm in height, a power supply up to 300 mm in length and a graphics card up to 440 mm. Speaking of the latter, the box allows its assembly both in the traditional position, as in vertical position, making use of a riser card (which is not included with the box). This last position would be chosen by users who want to show the inside of their box thanks to the tempered glass panel that the box has on its left side, which allows an unobstructed view of the inside of the box.

Fractal Design Define S2

Speaking of the ventilation of the components, the box comes with three silent Dynamic X2 GP-14 140 mm fans (two for its front and one for its rear), but the box supports the assembly of up to a total of 9 fans : three on its front, another 3 on its roof, one on its back and two more on the floor of the box. Both the fans of the front, roof and bottom are protected by their corresponding dust filters.

The front panel of the box consists of two USB 3.1 connectors, just two other USB 2.0 connectors and the aforementioned USB C. Next to these we can find two 3.5 mm mini jack connectors for the front audio.

As for storage, the box has three 3.5 / 2.5-inch bays on its right side, plus another two 2.5-inch bays on the back of the motherboard’s mounting tray.

Fractal Design has not given data on when the Define S2 can be purchased, or the price it will have.