Got a 3G phone? Save yourself $500 when buying an OQO Model 2+ [UMPC]

We were all very impressed when the OQO Model 2+ was released. Although the price $1499 put it out of the scope for many people. Although the base model costs $999, it does not come with inbuilt 3G.

If you own a 3G Nokia phone or a 3G Windows Mobile, you can emulate your mobile as a Wifi hotspot by using these utitlies:

Note: You can also use Bluetooth or the standard data cable to connect your device to Model 2+

The difference of $500 is quite huge. The base model comes with 1.33GHz Atom Z520 processor rather the 1.86GHz processor, but it comes with Windows XP tablet, which would fly on the 1.33GHz processor anyway.