Gigabyte Memory: the first DDR4 memory kit of the brand without RGB

Gigabyte Memory

Gigabyte has officially launched this year to manufacture and design its own memory modules. Already in the Taipei Computer Show (June 2018) Gigabyte showed through its subsidiary the AORUS RGB, to later expand the range with the AORUS DDR4-3200 MHz RGB, positioning itself in the high-end market from the beginning. Now they intend to cover another niche in a different market such as the one with the first RAM under the name of Gigabyte Memory.

Everything is summarized to the most basic expression that we can find in some memories, and perhaps that is the most accurate term for this type of memory: basic.

Gigabyte Memory aims to compete in a market that accumulates many more sales than the high-end, is the bulk of income of any brand that is dedicated to the RAM market. For this reason and without losing a bit of elegance or performance, the brand has presented its third memory kit at lower speeds than its previous kits.

These Gigabyte Memory will come in a 2 X 8 GB kit with a speed of DDR4-2666 MHz and will be cooled with a metal sink (we understand that black brushed aluminum) with the logo of the brand and a white line that runs through it. horizontal. The total height is 32 mm and will have a thickness of 7 mm.

The brand ensures that due to these dimensions of its modules, compatibility is fully guaranteed with any motherboard or heatsink on the market, since they almost border on the classification of “low profile”.

How could it be otherwise, these Gigabyte Memory DDR4-2666 MHz will have an XMP profile but will not have an exclusive profile for AMD, which of course is not synonymous with incompatibility, since many AMD boards emulate this profile allowing it to be activated No problem.

This is because the XMP profile is exclusive to Intel, while AMD has its own, AMP, but as we say it does not have to be incompatible.

Said XMP profile will be 2.0 following the current standard and will have a speed of 2666 MHz, together with latencies of 16-16-16-35, while without the XMP profile they will be increased to 19-19-19-43 respectively.

The capacity of this kit will consist of two modules of 8 GB, making a total of 16 GB in Dual Channel, enough for any common user.

At the moment no date of departure has been specified or if there will be more kits of Gigabyte Memory. The brand has not revealed the price of this kit or the distributors that can be made with them for sale.