How to increase the performance of your ASUS EEE PC by using RAMdisk

ASUS EEE PC 70x, 900, 901 and so on uses SSD. True, some of the latest models are coming with Hard Disk Drives instead of SSD. I have always preferred SSD in such small mobile devices. Why? That I’ll be mentioning in my future posts. Let’s me come back to the topic.

How to increase the performance of your EEE PC by using RAMdisk?

First of all, why move content to RAMdisk?

  • to increase life of SSD
  • faster web-experience
  • very fast for copying and moving small amount of data
  • save precious space on your ASUS EEE PC

I guess the reasons above are enough. Now, Let’s implement the RAMdisk on the ASUS EEE PC. 

1) Get the Gavotte RAMdisk from the following links. I prefer it as it is GUI based and is very user friendly unlike it’s CUI alternatives.

2) Unzip it. Start ramdisk.exe

3) Choose 512MB for a 2GB RAM module or 256MB or 312MB for 1GB RAM

4) Choose the drive letter and in the media type, choose Fixed Media

5) Click OK and reboot

You are not done yet. We need to point the temp and IE/firefox cache to the RAMdisk too! Let us do that now :)

  1. Press ‘windows’+break
  2. Go to advanced tab
  3. Click on Environment Variables
  4. For User Variables TEMP and TMP, edit and change it to R:/Temp where R: is our RAMdisk
  5. Do the same for System Variables TEMP and TMP too
  6. Now open Internet Explorer
  7. Go to Tools>Internet Options
  8. Under Temporary Internet Files, click on Settings
  9. Click on Move Folder and select R:/IEtemp
  10. Click ok, ok
  11. If you are a firefox user, in the address bar, type about:config and press enter
  12. Type browser.cache.disk.parent_directory in the filter box. If it does not exists, make one and give it this value R:BrowserCache and restart firefox

RAMdisk is recommended to those only who have 1GB or 2GB RAM module installed

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