HOW TO: upgrade RAM or Hard Disk in ASUS EEE 1000H

When it comes to upgrading RAM in the ASUS EEE PCs, it is no hidden truth that it is a very easy job. Even though 1GB RAM in the ASUS EEE 1000H seems to be very sufficient, but there are some power users which would like to more RAM if:

  • they wish to run Vista, which always like more RAM
  • if they want to use RAMdisk (see this article to implement RAMdisk)
  • just for fun!

I was getting many requests by the users to write a simple guide to upgrade RAM on the EEE 1000H, which I reviewed just a couple of days ago.

Use a Phillips “crosshead” screwdriver to open the RAM and hard disk access door

upgrade RAM or Hard Disk in ASUS EEE 1000H

EEE 1000H makes swapping the HDD so easily. Below the HDD, is the RAM chip.

Gently, take the RAM chip out by moving both of the holders outside. The chip will come out.

Take it out and slide in the new RAM. Take extra care of the holders. This is the RAM which comes with the ASUS 1000H. It is A-Data branded DDR2 RAM with 400MHz bus speed.

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