How To: Upgrade the Hard Disk and RAM of ASUS EEE 1002HA

Since the ASUS EEE 1002HA is a HDD based EEE PC, ASUS has given panels at the back of the unit to let the user upgrade them when required. However, upgrading the HDD is not that easy in 1002HA. I’ve written this tutorial to let the users easily upgrade the HDD and RAM.

First take the battery out. Now, first we will upgrade the RAM. Unscrew the screws of the RAM panel.

Carefully take the tape apart from the RAM module. Now, a little pull towards left will take the RAM module out. You will have to move the holders in opposite direction to take the RAM out. You can now slide in new RAM. Note that only upto 2GB RAM module is supported on the EEE 1002HA.

Now, lets us swap the HDD with new one.

Starting from the right edge, pull the HDD up.

You will find that the HDD is tied to a ribbon

Carefully, remove the connectors from the ribbon as shown in the following figure.

Now, you can swap it with a new 2.5-inch HDD. Just make sure you take off the rubber enclosure from the OEM HDD and put it on the new HDD. It will help it to reduce the impact of the bumps.

Note: you will have to go into BIOS first to make the unit recognize the newly installed RAM. To go into BIOS, keep pressing F2 as-soon-as the unit boots.

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