HP DV2 = Netbook Destroyer?

Contrary to the original concept of netbooks, which describe them as small and easy to carry around devices, the companies are now coming out with bigger and bigger netbooks everyday. We have already observed a slew of companies already coming out with 12-inch netbooks, which cost $600+.

Meet the HP DV2, a 12-inch sub notebook, which is almost the size of a typical 12-inch netbook. It just cost few dollars more and there are less tradeoffs in terms of speed and power as compared to full fledge notebook. The HP DV2 is often described as the cross between netbooks and notebooks. It has the features of notebook but comes at a price close to the netbook range. Its resolution is not netbook-ish (1280 x 800) and is equipped with an AMD processor instead of Atom processor, which is no match against the  AMD.

It even comes with a built-in BLU ray disk. I’m yet to hear any netbook manufacture to come out with a BLU ray drive.

However, the DV2 suffers from poor battery life, even with the extended battery (3 hours). This is something modern netbooks excel in.

[HP DV2 webpage]

[via TGdaily]

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