HP Envy 15, Envy 17 2016 specs

HP Envy 15, Envy 17 specification refresh has been done and these two laptops are now more powerful than before. HP Envy 15 2016 specs include 15.6 inch display with 1080p resolution, Intel Realsense technology, 1TB hard disk storage, 256GB PCIe SSD, Intel Skylake processors with integrated graphics and up to 16GB RAM. Asus Z240IC and Z220IC also come with Intel Realsense so it is not a new tech by any means.

HP Envy 15 17 2016 specs

HP Envy 17 2016 specs include bigger 17.3 inch full HD display and rest of the specs remain the same. Optional features for both HP Envy 15 2016 and HP Envy 17 2016 include touchscreen, Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics. The Envy 17 comes with DVD burner as standard. Read Asus T302CA skylake review here.

HP Envy 15 2016 has weight of 1.99kg and thickness of 17.95mm but Envy 17 is thicker at 25.45mm and weighs almost 3 kilos. Unlike other models in the HP laptop family, this does not support dual-storage solutions like Asus Vivomini VM65.

HP Envy 17 2016 specs

Both HP laptops come with fast charging allowing you to recharge the laptops from 0->90 percent in mere 90 minutes which is about 1.5 hours. Price for HP Envy 15 2016 start at 780 dollars while the Envy 17 will be on sale in US market for 1080 dollars.