HTC releases HTC DIAMOND 2 – potential MID? [Windows Mobile]

No rumors, no leaked images, but we knew something would be unleashed at Mobile World Congress by HTC. HTC has released successors to the HTC DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH PRO: DIAMOND 2 and TOUCH PRO 2 respectively.

Let’s see what changes have been done when compared to the original Diamond:

  • Increased RAM: From 192MB to 288MB. This should give you a free memory bump from 55MB to 110MB+. This will make the web experience even better as one would be able to browse heavy sites with Opera Mobile.
  • Better Battery: The battery has increased to 1100mAh. This is nice news as the 900mAh battery of the original Diamond was just not enough. Although, it is hard to make out, how much the battery life will increase since the number of pixels have also increased (see next point)
  • WVGA resolution: Is not this the resolution the enter level netbooks used to have? It is actually becoming standard in the Windows Mobile devices, which let them provide the user better web-experience. The original Diamond had a nice 2.8-inch VGA display. The Diamond 2 has even better 3.2-inch WVGA display
  • micro-SD slot: The Diamond 2 looses the 4GB internal storage that was there in the original HTC DIAMOND, but it adds micro-SD slot, which can give you upto 32GB storage.

The new Diamond 2 weighs at mere 117gm, which is just 7gm heavier than the original Diamond.

What is still missing?

  • 3.5mm earphone jack
  • IE mobile 6
  • Camera flash

[HTC Diamond 2 official webpage]

TWO Videos after the bump: