HTC releases ROM update for the TOUCH PRO – no, it’s not Windows Mobile 6.5

HTC has released a ROM update for the HTC TOUCH PRO. Although, not a lot of improvements, but surely some useful ones.

HTC releases ROM update for the TOUCH PRO - no, it's not Windows Mobile 6.5

Improved Functions and Fixes
1. The display of TouchFLO 3D sometimes may appear cracked.
2. When taking a picture, the auto focus function may malfunction in some circumstances.
3. In some circumstances, the preview screen will become black after taking picture.
4. In some circumstances, the device may hang while loading TouchFLO 3D.
5. When hanging up a phone call, there may be a delay in the display response.

Note: this is for the unlocked version.

Note2: Since this is a proper ROM upgrade, all of your data stored in the main storage memory will be lost. Make sure to do the back up

Get the update from HTC SITE

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