Idruna Photogenics reviewed! I love it :D

Photogenics is a dream come true application for the photographers on-the-go. Add fabulous effects; edit your images and make them look professional. All this packed in a single application!

Photogenics is an advanced photoediting application for the windows mobile professional devices. I was made aware that the Idurna Photogenics is based on the Windows and Linux versions of the software. The fabulous guys at Idurna have optimised the application very nicely for the small screens of mobile devices.

Let’s take a quick glance at the working and features of the Idruna Photogenics:(in the end, I said ‘it is a great application by photogenics’. It is actually “Idruna”) ;)

Although, the Idurna does mention it on their website that it does not support windows mobile 5.0+, but, it run just fine on my HTC P4350 running WM6.1. I faced no problem at all! The only flitch I see is no support for the soft-keys, but from the photographers point of view, I do not see this a demerit as they prefer stylus use over thumb or finger.

Even though it costs a little on the high side($49.99), but I think the price is TOTALLY justified when we see the vast amount of features there on-board :)


  • Lots of great and important filters(over 60!)
  • Transparency support
  • Multiple images can be open at once
  • Screen capture capability
  • Only 1.5MB of storage space occupied


  • costs $49.99!
  • no soft-key support

Category: Photo-editing utility
Company: Idurna
Price: $49.99

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