If Xandros is for netbooks, then Presto is for Laptops!

Xandros has unveiled the curtains-off the Presto, which is a platform that will allow users to do basic stuff like email, chat, web browsing, Skype or other applications. This is targeted to those people who are tired of waiting for the comparatively bulky Windows OS to boot. Xandros used their knowledge that they gained from the immensely popular EEE PCs. Xandros OS, that powers the linux-based EEEs booted up in mere 15 seconds on a fairly restrictive hardware. That included a desktop-class browser, full office suit and an array of useful utilities too.

Presto works over Wi-Fi, 3G, DSL, cable or standard Ethernet broadband networks. Even an application store has been made available for the Presto. Users can test the applications too at the website.

Presto has already been made available to the PC makers and will be made available for the public download starting from April 13 for very affordable $19.95.

[prestomypc] [via venturebeat]

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