Installing on a EEE

I know there are a lot of programmers out there who have their eye on the little EEE as a little programming machine. It is a wide-known fact that it has a great keyboard. Infact, I do most of my blog enteries here via it and my fingers are absolutely fine!

In this post, I’ll explain how to install on a EEE 701. I’ll be using the 2003 version as that should be “ok” for the amount of processing our little EEE can do.

Please note that all the screeshots given below link to the original images.

As you can see, as soon as you run the setup.exe, you get a warning telling you that is meant to be run at a resolution of 800 x 600. Pressing ok will continue the resolution, but, you won’t be able to continue ahead. Why? That you’ll see very soon.

After this, we see this

As you can see the whole window isn’t able to fit in. Even though you can still continue with the installation at-the-moment, it is not advised to do so because beyond this point, if you do not increase the resolution of the screen, you won’t be able to select what to install from the setup.

So, now let us increase the resolution. I used the execellent utilty, AsTray+, which allows me to change and fit different resolutions on my EEE.

Now, everything looks fine at 1000 x 600. 1024 x 768 looks weird due to the pixel ratio, but, 1000 x 600 looks ok, if not great.

You can now continue with the installation. Please not that do not change the resolution beyond this point untill you’ve completed the installation.

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