Intel Atom's successor = Intel Pineview CPU [Netbook]

Intel is planning to launch Intel Pineview in the second half of 2009 to replace the Intel Atom in netbooks and nettops. Intel still do not plan to introduce dual-core processors in Netbooks in near future. On the other hand, dual-core Pineview processor is in the tunnel.

The main advantage that the Intel Pineview processor brings over the Intel Atom CPU is the possibility to use higher clock frequencies. This means that we can now expect to see Netbooks and NetTops with more than 1.6GHz clock speed in 2009. Other advancements include:

  • reduced motherboard realeastate: 2174mm(Atom)->773mm(Pineview).
  • Better memory support from N270’s DDR2 533 to DDR2 667
  • GPU core frequencies increased from 133MHz to 200MHz
  • PCB design now uses only 4 layers compared to 6 layers, which was previously used by Intel Atom
  • TDP dropped from 8W to 7W


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