Intel Core i5 4260U 4210U i3 4120U 4030U 4025U Coming Soon

Intel is all set to introduce a new set of 15 watt processors for thin laptops and ultrabook lineup. According to the leaked roadmap, which is shown below, at least six new CPUs are in the pine line. This includes Core i5 4260U, 4210U, i3 4120U, 4030U and 4025U.

Intel Core i5 4260U 4210U i3 4120U 4030U 4025U specs price reviewAll will be manufactured using 14nm die shrink manufacturing technology and use haswell architecture as their base.

The Core i5 4260U and 4210U will replace the i5 4200U that been around from quite sometime now. They will make their debut with ‘Y’ series microprocessors like Core i3 4030Y and i5 4220Y, both of which have 11.5 watt TDP.

All of these processors are expected to be launched in third quarter of 2014. However in Q4 2014, the Intel Core i3 4120U, Core i5 4210U and i5 4310U will be swapped with newer, and even more efficient Broadwell units.