Intel reveals new mobile processors for MIDs: Moorestone, Z550 and Z515

Intel Atom processor is now 1 year old. On its birthday, Intel has introduced two new processor for the MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices). The next generation ARM platform known as Moorestone consumes 10 times less power as compared to the earlier Atom platforms.

Moorestown is comprised of a system on chip (Lincroft) that integrates a 45nm Intel Atom processor core, graphics, video and memory controller, and a companion I/O hub (Langwell).

Intel also annouced two processors which are going to soon debut in the netbook scene: Z550 and Z515. We mentioned about both of them few weeks back. Z515 is meant for low-powered MIDs. It will come with Intel Burst Performance Technology (Intel BPT), which will make the processor run at 1.2GHz when needed.

The Z550 is the first Atom processor to officially reach the 2.0GHz barrier. The Z550 consumes the same amount of power as the 1.86GHz Atom processor.

[via digitimes]

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