Iradish Y6 is an Apple Watch clone for 33 dollars

Iradish Y6 is a smart watch that doubles as a phone. It works on any GSM network and is unlocked for worldwide use. It comes in four colors, gold, black, rose gold and silver and weighs mere 60 grams.

Iradish Y6

As said before, Iradish Y6 supports phone calling functions such calling, hands free, phonebook, phone recorder and Bluetooth phone dialler. You can change ringtones too. The smart watch has vibration function that tells you about various notifications. Iradisk Y6 main selling point is its price tag which is 33 dollars. You can check it out at who have stock of all four colors. So if you have not tried a smartwatch yet and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for one, this smart watch could be for you.

Apple Watch clone

From a meter distance, the Iradish Y6 looks exactly like an Apple Watch. It incorporates a 1.3 megapixel camera for taking pictures right from your watch. It syncs your phone book from your smartphone and works with both iOS and Android operating systems. It talks with your phone using Bluetooth connectivity.


The Iradish Y6 has integrated web browser too which can make use of your phone’s internet connection or watch’s own SIM slot for Internet data.

Another nifty feature of the Iradish Y6 is that if the phone goes out of range, it can alert you. This way you will never leave your phone behind. There is a micro SD card as well and you can use it to bump the meagre internal storage to 32GB easily. Screen size of the Iradish Y6 measures 1.54 inches which is big enough for a smartwatch.

The Iradish Y6 can also function as your alarm clock since it comes with a built in app for that. There are also applications for radio, calendar and sleep monitoring.