How To Improve battery life of HTC Diamond

HTC Diamond comes with 900maH battery. Even though that figure does not look very impressive on the paper, HTC Diamond has pretty ‘ok’ battery life. But, heavy use of it can drain the battery at a very high rate. I’ve compiled a list of tips that will make your Diamond yield better battery life for sure.

Go to start>settings>connections>Beam. Turn the Beam off from there
Go to start>settings>connections>advanced network. Turn off “HSDPA” if you are not using it right now. It is a huge battery sucker
Go to start>settings>Phone. Go to the Band(tab). Select GSM from the “network type”
Make sure the WiFi radio is off, if you are not using it.
Use the task manager to terminate the applications that are not in use.More the number of applications running in the background implies more load on the CPU and thus, it will suck more battery than you can imagine. Fortunately, almost all versions of the HTC Diamond come with HTC Task Manager to manage the tasks.
Personally, I recommend using the Dinarsoft Handyswitcher (reviewed here) instead as it is much more faster and responsive than the HTC’s own task manager. Before installing it, please make sure to disable the HTC’s task manager. To do this, go to start>settings>system>’task manager’>button (tab)>”untick” both of the checkboxes to disable it.
Make sure the “key lock” is on. It will prevent accidental key presses when your device will be in your pocket. To do this, go to start>settings>system>key lock and select “lock all buttons except power button”.
If none of the above suggestions work for you, sell your Diamond.

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