Kinoma Play released for Windows mobile smartphone

With Kinoma Play, smartphones now have digital media capabilities that meet, and sometimes even exceed, what users can do on their personal computers. Kinoma Play goes beyond organizing and playing a user’s video, audio and picture files, by bringing in media from around the Internet through the built-in Kinoma Guide, the most comprehensive catalog of the freshest, most diverse mobile media available.

Among the key innovations in Kinoma Play:

  • Streaming podcasts – Instead of tediously downloading and syncing, podcasts stream on-demand, so users are always up to date
  • “Media First” user interface – User interface elements all-but-disappear when viewing photos, listening to music, or watching video to keep the focus on the media
  • High quality YouTube – Kinoma Play provides high quality YouTube video by playing the same feeds delivered to your PC, when bandwidth permits
  • Integrated search – Search your phone, your home PC and the Internet to find what you want
  • Menu Pod – A beautifully animated dynamic menu providing fast access to many powerful features

It retails for $29.99.  Here is the direct link to the Kinoma’s Play

Well, on my (dated) Palm Zire 71, Kinoma is a permanent resident. Kinoma has officially jumped into windows mobile arena by stepping into the Windows mobile standard AKA Smartphone market.

We are preparing a review of Kinoma Play! :D