Lenovo IdeaPad S20 – a 12-inch netbook in the works by Lenovo

Lenovo is planning to launch Ideapad S20, which is going to be a 12-inch netbook. By breaking the Intel’s 10-inch for netbooks, Lenovo will be deprived of the special price of the Intel Atom N280 processor. However, it would not make much of a difference as the Lenovo will have to pay a whopping $10 more than what they normally pay for 10-inch or less netbooks.

Together with the latest Atom N280 processor, it will also comes with GN40 chipset and will be priced at around $586. Personally, I am still not able to figure out the need of the 12-inch netbooks. The netbooks are meant to be highly portable devices. Manufactures like Dell and Lenovo are giving a new name and dimension to the netbook market. So, what is next? 14 and 17 inch netbooks anyone?

[via digitimes]

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