Lenovo Y700 touchpad not working: windows 10 with build 1703 will make Y700 touchpad stop working

Lenovo Y700 touchpad not working

Do you own a Lenovo Y700 gaming laptop and its touchpad stopped working? You are not alone and your touchpad hardware is not faulty. Blame the latest windows 10 build 1703 for that. Fortunately, the Lenovo Y700 touchpad problem is easy to solve. First, click Win + I to open Settings. Then, click Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced startup > Restart now > Troubleshoot. If you do not get the option to go back to the previous build, that is ok. Just restore the system and touchpad and its driver will start working.

This may sound weird but it works with windows 10 with build 1703. So if you are facing problem with your touchpad on your Lenovo Y700 gaming laptop, go ahead and do a system restore.

If none of this works, check if you have enabled hot keys in BIOS. You can enter BIOS on your Lenovo laptop by pressing F2 repeatedly before it boots. Once, you are in the Lenovo Y700’s BIOS, press FN + F6 to see if hot key is enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, disable it and see if the touchpad on your laptop starts working. This should solve the problem.