Malaysians turn to Internet to fight fuel hike

Malaysians have turned to the Internet to vent their anger at one of the biggest hikes in fuel prices, and some are using it to rally support against the measure in a country with tight restrictions on street protests.

Much of the rage was directed against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, already fighting for political survival since leading his ruling coalition to its worst election showing in March.

“We used to think you were nice. Now you are just nasty, plain nasty,” read a post from someone calling himself a “hungry Malaysian” on, arguing there was going to be less food on the table for millions of poor people.

The hacker left a drawing of a skull with a sword through its neck, blaming the prime minister for the fuel rise, the newspaper said. There was a notice later put up on the website saying it had been temporarily shut down for maintenance, it said.

I just went through this link and it has over 222 comments! :o According to me, protesting peacefully should have been the best option. Hackers hacking the government websites won’t yield anything to them. Will it?

via Yahoo News!